Euro-Bollywood Meeting at the BAFTSS-conference 2019

University of Birmingham, 27th April 2019, 12.30 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.

Notes taken by Bernhard Fuchs, Chair: Florian Stadtler

Present: Vishal Chauhan, Rajinder Dudrah, Bernhard Fuchs, Kulraj Pullar, Florian Stadtler, Priyanka Verma

  1. Introductory round – all saying a brief few words about who they are and their research interests.
  2. Rajinder reporting on activities: Dec 2018, Multilingual Bollywood Colloquium in Leicester led by Monia Acciari, March 2019 Multilingual Bollywood Colloquium in Budapest (organiser: Györgyi Vajdovich)

Now our homepage is online. Activity is required; we must produce content and create new networks. Sustained presence and continuity of our work as a BAFTSS SIG is documented.

Rajinder introduces the homepage, spread informations, also on twitter

Done: Uploaded brief reports from ML conferences

Monia will spend no more than half a day on the HP

Invite colleagues to contribute brief blogs

Images on the Website: What images we can use? Images should be used which symbolize the spirit of the group (wherever possible we should try and use images under educational fair use on the site).

Vishal asks if archive material can be used (depends on the contract signed with the archive)

We are 23-24 international members, trying to keep everyone updated

  • EBW reports, on-going research

Monia sent information: carry on with the AHRC funded Multilingual Bollywood project. Vienna 16-17 May, June Rome

Indian cinema collection at DMU

Guest lecturer in Hyderabad

Florian suggests introduction to the archive by Monia, “Bollywood in the archive”

Work with international collections, Florian and Monia will organise archive day at DMU

Other projects: Rajinder Dudrah and Omar Ahmed: Book – Sholay. Next year there is going to be a one day conference to develop this project (about 10-12 chapters).

Bernhard mentions the Zoya Akhtar book project by Aakshi Magazine (the multilingual group intends to contribute a chapter on ZNMD)

Added info: The 11th International Convention of Asia Scholars (16-19 July), Leiden

Panel “Europe in Bollywoodscape: Transnationalism, Mediated identities and new “Others”” (Monia Acciari, Alexandra Delaney-Bhattacharya, Bernhard Fuchs, Nazia Hussein and Saba Hussein, Sanjay Kumar and Szusza Arendas)

  • Ideas? What might be useful?

Kulraj wishes collaboration with Asian film festivals, partnership, linking locally

Rajinder – at the moment the AFF is more oriented towards independent film, Monia could ask in the context of Leicester

Vishal submitting PhD – return to India, want to continue Euro-Bollywood research in India: How is Bollywood shaping imagination of Europe, in small towns like Ajmer (Discussion about Switzerland)

Priyanka – likes the idea of a network, to share unpublished conference papers

Supervisors are often western and white, she wants to set up her own approach

Rajinder suggesting to establish another link for the homepage, copyright, share draw, maybe only the summary of research linked, not full paper – invite readers to get in touch, get rid of the problem of isolation: Action required

Kulraj and Priyanka criticise the stereotypical and patronising Western perspective. Euro-Bollywood important from the postcolonial perspective

Florian: introduce a new link “Bollywood in the classroom”, in order to discuss methodologies and teaching, different conversation. Where sits BW in the curriculum?

Kulraj: decolonizing the curriculum, Bollywood in film studies

Florian: inviting Rachel Dwyer to provide information about teaching Bollywood

Rajinder: Bollywood and popular films part of the conversation

Kulraj: mentioning Manikarnika – anti-colonialism

Florian: wider European framework, debates about nationalism, engage with wider questions

Representation of anti-colonialism

Bernhard: connect to other countries and institutions, to get a broader image of Bollywood in Europe, contacts in Eastern and Southern Europe (e.g. Poland) would be important. Reminds the “Mapping project” (initiated by Monia at the Bristol conference)

Florian concludes and reminds, BAFTSS first EBW meeting, encourages to continue, building up infrastructure

  • Final question: Next meeting? Rajinder possibly London (Florian?)

English and drama department, Florian will sort out, early September

Or Rajinder BCU

1.30 p.m. closing