Funded Projects

AHRC Creative Multilingualism (PI: Monia Acciari; Co-I: Bernhard Fuchs; Co-I: Gyorgyi Vajdovich)

Title: Multilingual Euro-Bollywood: an ‘imaginative language’ workshop

This project will map out the nuances of cultural transfer from Bollywood to Europe and Europe to Bollywood via creative multilingualism, with specific focus on subtitling and dubbing practices. The idea is to broadly explore how historical, socio-cultural and conceptual questions on Euro-Bollywood’s creative relationship is further problematized or resolved by multilingual dynamics.

Thus, the aim is to shed light on the linguistic dimension of Euro-Bollywood and address in detail: narratives about multilingualism, the social practices of creating and understanding transnational-Hindi language, and investigate foreignness via mimicry with attention to acoustic and phonetic stereotyping by revealing an accent or multiple accents.

Principal Investigator: Monia Acciari (De Montfort University)


BAFTSS (PI: Monia Acciari)

Title: “Euro-Bollywood: Decoding the Complexities workshop”