Founding Members:

Prof Rajinder Dudrah (Birmingham City University), Dr Monia Acciari (De Montfort University), Dr Gyorgyi Vajdovich (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest), and Dr Bernhard Fuchs (University of Vienna)

Short Bios:

Prof Rajinder Dudrah

Rajinder Dudrah is a Professor of Cultural Studies and Creative Industries at Birmingham City University, UK. He has researched, published and taught widely across film, media, cultural studies, and creative industries. His books include, amongst others: Bollywood Travels: Culture, Diaspora and Border Crossings in Popular Hindi Cinema (2012) and Bollywood: Sociology Goes to the Movies (2006).

Monia Acciari

Monia Acciari is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television History at De Montfort University, UK. Her principal research interests lie in the areas of Film and Cultural studies. Her areas of research are: film festivals; popular Hindi cinema; new-wave Indian cinema; Transnational cinema ; audience studies; and cultural theory. Dr Acciari is particularly interested in qualitative research methods, Digital Humanities and the use of sociological methodologies as applied to popular culture, in addition to historical and archival research. Dr Acciari is also the Associate Director of the UK Asian Film Festival (Leicester) as expert of films from South Asia.

Dr Gyorgyi Vajdovich

Györgyi Vajdovich is an associate professor at the Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, Department of Film Studies at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest, Hungary. Her research and teaching interests include early film history, with special focus on Hungarian cinema before 1945, questions of intermediality and cultural transfer, and contemporary Bollywood. She is founding editor of the quarterly on film theory and film history entitled ‘Metropolis’. Her articles on the above topics were published in English, French and Hungarian in different periodicals and volumes.

Dr Bernhard Fuchs

Bernhard Fuchs is working as assistant professor at the department of European Ethnology of Vienna University. Fields of research include migration, media, cultural transfer and creative industries. He has published several essays on Bollywood, and he has co-edited along with Rajnder Dudrah and Elke Mader, the book SRK and Global Bollywood, New Delhi: Oxford University Press 2015.



Acciari, Monia, De Montfort University, Senior Lecturer, monia.acciari(at)

Ahmed, Omar, University of Manchester, PhD Student, Oahmed5(at)

Chatterjee, Ranita, University of Exeter, Lecturer, R.Chatterjee(at)

Chauhan, Vishal, Birmingham City University, PhD student, Vishal.Chauhan(at)

Chavda, Mrunal, India, Independent Scholar, mrunalchavdaiima(at)

Delaney, Alexandra, Birmingham City University, PhD student, ‎Alexandra.Delaney(at)

Dudrah, Rajinder, Birmingham City University, Professor, rajinder.dudrah(at)

Fuchs, Bernhard, University of Vienna, Assistant Professor, bernhard.fuchs(at)

Halsall, Eleanor, King’s College London, Researcher, Eleanor.halsall(at)

Iordanova, Dina, University of St Andrews, Professor, dina.iordanova(at)

Jain, Anuja, St Andrews University, Lecturer, aj73(at)

Janjic, Marijana, University of Zagreb, Lecturer, marijanajanjic(at)

Kapoor, Gaurika, University of Sheffield, PhD student, Gkapoor1(at)

Krauß, Florian, University Siegen, Researcher, florian.krauss(at)

Kumar, Sanjay, Central European University, Visiting Professor, KumarS(at)

Lapov, Zoran, University of Florence, Researcher, kham_lapov(at)

Meers, Philippe, University of Antwerp, Professor, philippe.meers(at)

Pal, Shorna, University of St Andrews, PhD student, sp97(at)

Rampazzo, Giovanna, Dublin Institute of Technology, Researcher, d09124272(at)

Sen, Sanghita, University of St Andrews, PhD student, sanghitasen(at)

Sengupta, Roshni, Leiden University, PhD student, rosh.sengupta(at)

Shemilli, Madalena, University of Florence, Researcher, madda199(at)

Siddique, Salma, Freie Universität Berlin, Researcher, salmasid9(at)

Srour, Némésis, EHESS Paris, PhD student, nemesis.srour(at)

Staedler, Florian, University of Exeter, Lecturer, F.C.J.Stadtler(at)

Szivák, Júlia, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, PhD student, szivak.julia(at)

Tieber, Claus, University of Vienna, Lecturer, Claus.tieber(at)

Vajdovich, Györgyi, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Associate Professor, vajdovich.gyorgyi(at)